DoF - District of Future project

DoF - District of Future project

Sabadell participates in a European pilot to improve energy efficiency by taking advantage of new technologies

The initiative called 'District of Future', funded by the European Union 218,000 euros. Also the English city of Corby and the French Orleans takes part on this pilot.

17 February 2014 - Source:
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Joan Carles Sánchez i Kim Faura, durant la presentació del 'District of Future'

Sabadell takes another step in smart city projects and adds a European pilot project to improve energy efficiency by taking advantage of new technologies. Along with the English town of Corby and the French Orleans, Sabadell participates in the District of Future, which involves the implementation of the platform FI-Ware ( European platform for the Internet of Things - IoT ) at various facilities. Through this platform we wil have energy consumption data in order to take action to reduce it from 30 to 40 percent. All of this is funded by the European Union 218,000 euros and should develop over the next three years , in collaboration with 11 partners.
The new platform will be installed in the central pneumatic "Can Llong", the equipment "Can Marcet", headquarters of the Municipal Police, and the block of flats "Vimusa Can Llong 4". Mayor Sabadell, Juan Carlos Sanchez, says that having all the information of these buildings will facilitate decision making not only reduce energy consumption but to prepare them for other uses. "It's based on new information from the economic point of view can improve the quality of service", said Sanchez .

The new platform FI-Ware does not only serves to advance this pilot, but also unify Smart City projects. The CEO of Telefónica Catalunya, Kim Faura, explained that the main drawback of the initiative of smart cities is that they are interconnected, which can change the new platform. " The platform for the first time, it allows the transverse and vertical lines of action of a city to be read among them", said Faura. In this sense, also can connect these data with those of other cities with this platform, for now Corby and Orleans due to it accomplish the European standard. Moreover, the FI-Ware also be open to small and medium enterprises, so that there can incorporate any applications or projects. In fact, these companies are subsidized by the European Union.

Its main benefits are the services that will be built on the same standards so they can be reused, which allows you to create an ecosystem in which companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs from across Europe can access to create new developments and other cities to reuse the results.

The main objective of the District of Future is to create an open framework for energy optimization in cities, by integrating different sources of generation and power consumption of an entire neighborhood or district. Sabadell contributes to the project as a pilot city, to apply in real energy optimization framework developed.

The overall budget for the development and implementation of the project is 6,242,551 euros, of which 3,801,732 euros have been funded by the European Commission. Sabadell City Council will grant 218,667 euros for participating in € 342,960 of the total budget.

The project is developed by a consortium of 11 European partners from four different countries (Spain, France , Finland and England), among which are Telefónica as leader and coordinator, different technology partners like everisIDPExeleriaEdenwayVTTFortumDalkia and three demonstration cities : SabadellCorby (UK) and Orleans (France).


District of Future

Cities are increasingly aware of the need to address the climate and energy challenges. District of the Future is funded by the European Union with the objective of increasing energy efficiency in a district of the city with the innovation offered by the Information Technology and Communications.

This will help city managers to quantify and achieve the goal of a reduction of between 30 to 40% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and to improve the awareness and involvement of citizens.

District of Future will use ICT to collect, record and monitor energy data and carry it to the FI-Ware platform. This will analyze the patterns of energy in each district of the city and allow the consumer to predict, monitor the demand and supply of energy. We also provide a standards-based system, so that both public authorities and citizens can make informed decisions in order to optimize their consumption.

This project will contribute to the city governments adopt ICT to cover the objectives set by the EU in 2020, 20% of energy from renewable sources, 20 % increase in energy efficiency and reducing 20% of greenhouse gases.

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Project Details
Starting date:
36 months
Total Cost:
6.242.551 €
EU Grant:
3.801.732 €