DoF - District of Future project

DoF - District of Future project

What is District of Future?

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Make cities more efficient

District of Future is the result of the elaboration of a vertical Use Case Scenario based on Renewable, efficiency and gas emission reduction in European cities.

District of Future

Cities are increasingly recognizing the need of addressing climate and energy challenges. The District of the Future (DoF) project is a project funded by the European Union (EU) with the objective to increase energy efficiency in a city district using innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) approaches. It will help city leaders to achieve quantifiable and significant reduction up to 30 to 40% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions and will improve citizen awareness and people involvement.


The project will be executed by a consortium formed by a world leader in integrated telecommunications, technological consultancy firms, ICT software and equipment providers, SMEs, a Research and Development organization, energy companies and the public authorities of the cities of Sabadell (Spain), Orléans (France) and Corby (UK) that will provide the real life environment for the project.


DoF will use ICT to collect, register and monitor energy data and bring this to a cloud-based software platform. This platform will analyze energy patterns in each city district. That will allow predicting energy consumption and energy production behavior in each district. DoF will provide a system based upon standardized state-of-the-art communications, that will support city authorities and citizens in taking the right decisions in order to optimize energy systems and improve energy efficiency in the involved city districts.


The project will contribute to the adoption of green ICT technologies by city authorities. Just by reapplying the DoF approach in other European city districts the project will to make a sustainable contribution to the objectives of EC 2020 Energy and Climate Change, 20% of energy from renewable, 20% increase of energy efficiency, 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in comparison with 1990.

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District of Future Partners more infomation

  •  Telefonica 
  • - Edenway 
  • - everis 
  • - IDP engineering • environment • architecture 
  • - VTT 
  • - Dalkia 
  • - Electric Corby CIC 
  • - Ville d\'Orleans 
  • - Sabadell 
  • - University of Cardiff 
Jose Manuel Hernandez
Project Details
Starting date:
36 months
Total Cost:
6.242.551 €
EU Grant:
3.801.732 €