DoF - District of Future project

DoF - District of Future project

District of Future Partners

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Tasks of District of Future parterns are very important.

We will be 12 partners working together, from Spain, UK, France and Finland, from both the public and private sectors. The partners of the consortium are:

  • Telefónica de España SA


    • Leads the project and contribute to the platform development



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  • Edenway


    • It is the City Planner in the consortium, working closely with the three european cities involved


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  • everis


    • Leads the Exploitation, Dissemination and Business Models and Impact
    • Disseminate and make mainly on the energy sector and cities/towns be aware of the advantages of using the technology piloted and tested.
    • Ensure the dissemination at national and European level of project outcomes and work undertaken.
    • Evaluate Business Models and Exploitation Plan.

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    • Define models of power generation, demand and models of interaction between both of the models of the district (optimal network operation) based on data obtained.
    • Design blocks models that allow the definition of the energy performance of the districts, evaluating variables allowing their scalability to other locations.
    • Evaluate models that are not included in the case studies

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  • IDP engineering • environment • architecture

    IDP engineering • environment • architecture

    • Create standard connectivity between existing installations and the framework for energy producers
    • Create standard connectivity between existing installation and the framework for energy consumers
    • Aggregate data collection for CHP, SMART Grid and decentralised energy production

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  • VTT


    • participates to the development of ICT framework as well as to the energy optimization simulations.
    • participates to energy optimization simulation and leads the task which analyses energy efficiency of the case districts
    • contributes to dissemination and business modeling


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    • Leading works related to energy simulation and optimisation at the district.
    • Business model development with providing energy provider and distribution operator point of view to the work level

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  • Dalkia


    • Measures the consumption of the users of the heating district network
    • Install new communication devices on the current energy counters


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  • Electric Corby CIC

    Electric Corby CIC

    • Focuses on full energy-consumption monitoring at a district level but
      with a specific focus on new building homes

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  • Orleans

    Ville d\'Orleans

    • Implementation and validation of the urban use case: energy production/consumption monitoring system at the district of “La Source”

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  • Sabadell


    • Implementation and validation of the urban use case.



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  • University of Cardiff

    University of Cardiff

District of Future Partners more infomation

  •  Telefonica 
  • - Edenway 
  • - everis 
  • - IDP engineering • environment • architecture 
  • - VTT 
  • - Dalkia 
  • - Electric Corby CIC 
  • - Ville d\'Orleans 
  • - Sabadell 
  • - University of Cardiff 
Jose Manuel Hernandez
Project Details
Starting date:
36 months
Total Cost:
6.242.551 €
EU Grant:
3.801.732 €