DoF - District of Future project

DoF - District of Future project

Objectives & Outcomes

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The main objective is to achieve quantifiable and significant reduction up to 30 to 40% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in European cities.

Outcomes and Objectives


  • To increase energy efficiency in a city district using innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) approaches
  • To help city leaders to achieve quantifiable and significant reduction up to 30 to 40% of energy consumption.
  • To help taking decisions to achieve quantifiable and significant reduction up to 30 to 40% CO2 emissions.
  • To improve citizen awareness and people involvement.
  • To contribute to the adoption of green ICT technologies by city authorities.
  • To contribute to the objectives of EC 2020 Energy and Climate Change, 20% of energy from renewable, 20% increase of energy efficiency, 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


  •  Set of innovative ICT to collect, register and monitor energy data and bring this to a cloud-based software platform (FI-WARE).
  • Analysis of energy patterns in each city district and predicting energy consumption and energy production behavior in each district.
  • Identify and analysis the lifestyle patterns and users acceptance across the three cites involved in the project.
  • Provide a system to support city authorities and citizens in taking the right decisions in order to optimize energy systems and improve energy efficiency in the involved city districts.
  • Create standard connectivity between existing installations and the framework for energy producers and consumers.
  • Analyse further possibilities for upgrading case districts with more advanced energy systems, such as district heating and cooling and CHP production
  • Reapply the DoF approach in other European city districts to reduce energy consumption and improve energy production.

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District of Future Partners more infomation

  •  Telefonica 
  • - Edenway 
  • - everis 
  • - IDP engineering • environment • architecture 
  • - VTT 
  • - Dalkia 
  • - Electric Corby CIC 
  • - Ville d\'Orleans 
  • - Sabadell 
  • - University of Cardiff 
Jose Manuel Hernandez
Project Details
Starting date:
36 months
Total Cost:
6.242.551 €
EU Grant:
3.801.732 €